About Rob+Deb


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Rob+Deb’s music is an elegant fusion of blues, soul, and ’70’s rock; a broad musical description that manifests itself in the wide range of artists they cover, which includes Etta James, Beyonce, Sam Cooke, Patty Griffin, Heart, Bill Withers, Blondie, Stevie Wonder and more. Meanwhile, their original music is equally as sophisticated and diverse, marked by emotional honesty and grounded by Deb’s powerful, soulful singing.

Lead singer Deb Solberg explains, “We’re inspired a lot by stories of overcoming personal struggle, by men and women we’ve met who once were in the clutches of horrible additions, but through giving God control over their lives – and with the support of other people who have walked that path – they have now turned their lives around. Its so inspiring to see people restored physically and emotionally, marriages healed, families brought back together. That’s where a lot of our songs came from.”

And, indeed this theme of hope and healing runs strong through both their original music and their concerts as a whole. Whether they’re performing as a duo or with a full band they never fail to engage and move their audiences with their passionate performances, fueled by Deb’s powerhouse vocals and Rob’s expressive guitar playing.

In addition to singing and songwriting, Deb speaks on eating disorders, food addiction and body image issues. (Learn more here.)   Rob is an accomplished guitarist and composer whose orchestral arrangements have been performed live and recorded by the Nashville Praise Symphony. He is also a philosopher and lay theologian known for his popular blog called INFIERI, where he writes winsome and compelling articles on philosophy, culture, and apologetics. Between the two of them, they have performed live and in the studio with many artists including Michael W. Smith, Billy Ray Cyrus, John Elefante (Kansas), Matthew West, Rebecca St. James, David Crowder and Ginny Owens. And together they make up two-thirds of the John Schlitt Trio, providing acoustic guitar and vocal accompaniment for the 4-time Grammy winning Christian rock singer.